Adrianna: Que mas cabrona que bonita.

Mexico City

This is the first episode with the moi bonita Adrianna from Mexico City. She was my couchsurfing host during he first week of the journey and helped me fall in love with North America’s largest metropolis. It was a bit of a chance because she had never hosted anyone before and had no references, but we both decided to risk it. From the moment we met each other we couldn’t stop talking. We spent hours wandering around the city, late into the night, discussing conflicting facets of our experiences as women in our respective countries. We bonded over the stark similarities: the corruption, the oppression against women, but the comfortness of home and embracing the ugly and beauty of it all (especially after a few shots of mescal). A fellow history nerd and feminist, she gives us a glimpse of what it is like living in Mexico City as a woman. She explains the female experience from a personal and historical lens from the inception of feminism into Mexican culture to modern times. Adrianna is a beautiful soul and a friend I would have never met if we both didn’t risk meeting a stranger.

The audio was done via Skype and on weak wifi, so some of this episode is me reinterpreting over her. It is nonetheless interesting and informative. Disfrutar!

Introducing: Strangers Abroad

This track is a brief description of the inspiration and philosophy behind this podcast. If you are looking to take a break from the conventional life and want to find insights and how-to travel cheaply, while meeting incredible people along the way, then this is the podcast for you! This is a podcast that attempts to illustrate the importance of what we can learn from those around us or on other corners of the earth-especially in a time when the world feels stranger than ever. Throughout this podcast we come to realize that, although some of us grow up thousands of miles away from each other, we aren’t so different from one other, especially once we give ourselves the chance to learn about ourselves and the ways that the world works by interacting with strangers.