Welcome to the website for Strangers Abroad- the original solo female traveler podcast. This podcast is a series of recordings that I held with people I met throughout my journey to Latin America. A 5 5.000-kilometer adventure encompassing 10 countries, hundreds of people, and countless stories to share.

As a twenty-something year old, with an endless love of learning, and no clear direction,  I booked a one way ticket to Mexico City to go  figure out what I want my life to look like. By throwing myself into the deep end, I was able to start chiseling away at some answers.

So my personal travel philosophy that keeps me going  is this.

There are 7 billion people in the world, 7 BILLION, and some people say more, some say less but, somewhere between 500-5000 of those people could be your best friends, soul mates, playmates, partners in crime or companions. However, you may never meet them because they live in Copenhagen, New Delhi, or Perth and unless you go out and find them. And they can expose you to wondrous things about yourself or the way the world works.

So this is a documentation, a recording of my search for these people and what the world can teach me.

But, why the do we care about long term traveling? A few reasons.

Why aren’t we encouraged to go out and meet people who may shake up how we think about the world? Because it forces us out of our comforts, and maybe we could become better people, we may never know what they could do for us and we for them. Everyone I met I learned something new, be it a history lesson, different perspective, or mannerism. Travel creates the opportunity to take a peek into the diversity yet, simplicity of humanity, it is looking glass of our fundamentals and complexities.

Additionally, you are able to expand your nexus and support group, with people from all walks of life. Now I have friends and places to stay in so many different countries and they are always welcome in my home.

And finally, when you go out and travel it becomes so clear how interconnected we are.Those you expose yourself to become part of you and vice versa from the taxi drivers, helpful strangers, or bus companions. Although I may have known these people for a few minutes, hours, or fortunate enough to spend months with them, they are my family and this is their story. Everyone we ever meet is a part of who we become.

Travel makes the world smaller safer, and helps create a people who want to build a space where we can all thrive in.

Now I don’t want to over romanticize or belittle the fact that the world can be scary or painful, it’s really painful being out there. But, these obstacles will help you grow in insurmountable ways. You don’t know who you are until you are faced with random situations like being trapped in a tannery in Morocco, or being stranded on the highway for 8 hours in Mexico or break into houses to shoot BB guns into the snow in Stockholm or get caught in a hurricane in Hawaii while hitchhiking. Will you be surprised by how you respond in those situations?

Why share these experience?

Storytelling is a form of immortality, those whose stories we still talk about today still live on with us, and the stories untold are unfortunately forgotten. The people that I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to are doing incredibly inspiring things with their lives and how they are choosing to live should be shared, because they are challenging the conventional way of life, and it could reach to someone who wants to be doing that but doesn’t know how. This is a way of making them a little bit more immortal.

Why listen?

If you want to hear a first-hand story of booking a one-way ticket and winging it then this is the podcast for you. It’s an honest example of long term backpacking, the successes and struggles, the fuck ups and spontaneous adventures, and the mundane moments in between. This is meant to show that travel isn’t always glamorous but is immensely rewarding.

So get the hell out of your comfort zone and see who’s out there.