It’s Up to the Solo-Female Travelers

New guest post with the wonderful LyfandSpice travel blog! Thank you so much for letting me guest post and discuss how important it is to encourage women to travel the world safely, independently, and with the support of other women. Here is the original post but you can read below as well! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Being a solo … Continue reading It’s Up to the Solo-Female Travelers

Tips for Traveling as a Solo Female Traveler- Interview with Mona Corona!

  It was an honor being interviewed by Mona Carona about solo female travel! Her blog is all about “luxury travel made achievable through my tips, tricks, hacks, and guides. I cover all the best destinations for luxury travel, create customized itineraries so that you don’t have to, and offer money-saving hacks to get you … Continue reading Tips for Traveling as a Solo Female Traveler- Interview with Mona Corona!

Press, Interviews, & Collaborations

Interviews + Podcasts As Told By Nomads with Tayo Rockson  Episode 242 Singling Podcast. Take a listen to me shameless talk about my sexual passport, making deep friendships, and falling in love with a country. Press Just Porter Best Travel Podcasts List: Honorable Mention  BuzzFeed Communities Best Travel Podcasts for 2017  New York Times Feature: That … Continue reading Press, Interviews, & Collaborations

Show Notes

Conclusion- In Defense of Strangers  E25- Home is Where You Recharge for the World I met Doron at the beginning of his journey and in my last days of traveling. Although we were at the opposite ends of travel, we still shared one striking commonality: home. Where he had been walking around just hours earlier, … Continue reading Show Notes